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Increase your presence, drive engagement, and unlock success in the digital realm.

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Deliver targeted advertisements directly to your audience, ensuring unmatched engagement.

Insight Analaytics

Gain in-depth information, unlocking valuable insights into audience engagement & advertising performance.

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Location based user engagement

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Digital engagement

Morfus, a flagship creation of MiniMe-Labs, a Progressive Web App (PWA) that is redefining the interaction between individuals and their environment.

Powered by AI and user location awareness, delivering on-the-go personalized experiences in urban & residential settings, from business recommendations to real-time updates.


MidasMoon is disrupting digital advertising with its innovative approach that leverages location data and user movements to deliver targeted and impactful ads.

Seamlessly integrates with Morfus PWA, as well as other digital channels, billboards, & edge devices, enabling ad delivery across various touchpoints. Key features include ad blocker resilience, network and conditional advertising options, a user-friendly campaign wizard, and in-depth ad performance analytics.

Internet of things

EzeHome is a solution focused on Internet of Things (IoT) integration, smart metering for residential & commercial properties.

Designed to enhance the living experience by making homes smarter, better managed, more efficient, and more responsive to the needs of their inhabitants.

Captive portal


Wi-Fd communici analytics anations platform, providing venue owners with customer acquisitions tools, enabling new methods for data capture, following GDPR guidelines.

Cative portal


Wi-Fi analytics and communications platform, providing venue owners with customer acquisitions tools, enabling new methods for data capture, following GDPR guidelines

industry leaders

Broadening the boundaries of real world connectivity

Proudly operating digital engagement solutions throughout London, in the exquisite areas of Trafalgar square, Oxford street & other areas of Westminster.

Utilizing Morfus, Midas, and EzeHome & Sentry in urban environments, multifunctional spaces, or specific sites such as airports, shopping centers, and arenas provides an abundance of benefits for customer acquisition and network expansion.

Public spaces

Empower people with an all in one digital guide to the world around them.


Elevate guest interactions through targeted digital campaigns and create memorable experiences. Seamlessly connect with customers, building lasting loyalty.

Food & Beverage

Deliver engaging menus, provide seamless ordering, transforming how customers interact with your offerings. Experience impactful advertising while commanding attention, driving orders and elevating customer satisfaction.

Retail Mall

Empower your shoppers by enabling a digital kiosk on their personal devices. Enhance their experience with intuitive wayfinding capabilities, while providing local shop brands the oppotunity to connect with them before their visit. Direct location-aware advertising efforts straight to shoppers for a personalized and engaging journey.

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